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Recap 8/24 - 8/30

Warehouse 13:

This episode contained issues from not one, not 2, but 3 different artifacts.
Artie was following the movements of 2 small time cons who had suddenly been winning sizeable amounts of money at casinos all across the US and were now in Vegas, apparently for the "big time." Artie wasn't sure what known or unknown artifact that they might have to help them out as he said there are plenty of artifacts "in the wild" that could help them win. He also noted that they weren't winning enough to set off any alarms, but its enough to add up to a very good amount of money.

While Artie was working out what to do about the cons, he had the agents, Mika and Pete, doing inventory with Claudia. Pete was playing ping pong with himself using Lewis Carroll's magical "Alice" mirror. Mika showed up and playfully shoved Pete who fell onto the mirror causing it to rock back and knock a giant mirror ball off the shelf behind it, and then it rocked forward, but before it crashed, Mika caught it. Big mistake. The mirror ball turned out to be from Studio 54, and when it hit the ground, it activated playing Gloria Gayner's "I Will Survive" and shot lights out in all directions from the mirrors on the ball. The lights reflected off "Alice's" Magical Mirror which Mika was holding. Unknown at the time, the interaction of the 2 artifacts caused the spirit of "Alice" which had been trapped in the mirror to enter Mika's body, while her spirit was now trapped in the mirror. When it was over, "Mika" set the mirror face down on the ground and walked away.

Artie sent the 2 agents to Vegas to find out how the 2 cons were winning, and retrieve any artifact that they might have. "Mika" was acting slightly odd, but not enough to set off alarms. Staking out the 2, "Mika" stayed at the Roulette wheel while Pete ransacked their room. "Mika" saw that before each bet, they rubbed a coin. When Pete came back and said that he didn't find anything in their room so it must be on them, "Mika" lied and said that she hadn't noticed anything. Later, they followed the 2 cons back to their room, but as the cons walked past, "Mika" grabbed Pete and kissed him to "keep their cover."

Back at the warehouse, Artie and Claudia put the mirror ball back (the mirror ball grants the deepest desires) and set "Alice's" mirror back up. That's when Artie saw the image of Mika trapped within. Claudia wanted to help her out, but Artie said that entities within mirrors like to fool people into releasing them, and he wouldn't even try to communicate. Later, he, Claudia and Leena were discussing what happened and decided to try to communicate just to see if there was any chance she was Mika due to the interaction of the 2 artifacts. Claudia modified some stuff found in the Warehouse to act like the CIA's "sonic vibration" readers that reads vibrations off glass to "hear" what people on the other side are saying. Sure enough, it sounded like Mika and she plead her case. Artie would have none of it, and covered the mirror. He called Pete (but "Mika" could hear due to their connected earpieces,) and asked him if Mika showed any effects from the event at the Warehouse. He said that all was normal (this was before the kiss) and that they were still investigating. Artie seemed satisfied. Claudia and Leena weren't. They got Artie to try again, and the real Mika revealed that she doesn't trust Artie but wants to and has issues in her past that are creating friction with her and Artie but she wants to try to move past them. Artie was convinced, but the only way to put the right Mika back was to get the fake Mika back to the mirror and something can only get out if something else goes in.

Instead of calling Pete on the Farnsworth communicator, which was now with "Mika/Alice," Artie called the hotel and had him paged. Pete had just convinced the woman con to give him the coin, but that she and her husband could keep all of the money, but to leave town, leave crime, and settle down. Using the coin "burns" the hand from rubbing it, and the more it's used, the worse the hand gets. So, she gave up the coin and went to collect their winnings. Meanwhile, "Mika" had gone to the con's room and beat up the guy only to learn that he didn't have the coin. She shot him with the Tesla just as Pete showed up. Pete told her that she had killed the guy (she hadn't, it only stuns) so the guy pretended to be dead. He revealed that he knew she was "Alice" and that Mika would never ever kiss him for any reason. She then got the drop on him and shot him too, and then took the coin from him. She decided that the only way to stay free within Mika was to destroy the mirror.

She arrived back at the Warehouse, to "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane (I had forgotten how amazing that song of the best ever.) When she got to the mirror, the Warehouse staff sprung their trap. Caludia hit the Studio 54 Mirror Ball with a laser, the lights shot out, "Mika/Alice" screamed and she and the real Mika traded places again. Within the mirror was now the creepy image of a demonic looking child in 1800s clothing...and everything within the mirror had an old fashioned sepia tone to it. They covered the mirror and Artie said that he'd have to place it in the "Dark Room." The real Mika was back, but the Mirror Ball lights twinkled as they left. Hmm. Feed your head.

Top Chef 6 - Las Vegas:

The Quickfire Challenge had the cheftestants roll dice and whatever number the 2 die added up to was the number of ingredients that they could use from the pantry to make a dish. Nobody wanted snake eyes, but nobody wanted 12 either. Several got 10. One person got 3. Eve and Jesse who had both been in the bottom of the previous Elimination challenge also were in the bottom here along with Brother Bryan. Kevin, Jen and Brother Michael were in the top and Michael won the $15,000 casino chip...much to his brother Bryan's dismay because he had used liquid nitrogen to make gazpacho.

The Elimination Challenge had the cheftestants team up, men vs. women, and prepare a due bachelor/bachelorette party. The men met with the bride-to-be and the women with the groom to figure out what they wanted. One thing that they BOTH wanted was to have dishes paired up with one of 3 shots of alcohol that they both love. From the cheftestants, the shots were pretty nasty, so not a good sign. Many women were upset with the whole "men vs. women" theme, but Ashley was more upset about having to cater for a bachelor/bachelorette party yet she would not be allowed to have one since she's a lesbian. She was mad that Preeti who also is a lesbian didn't seem to be bothered by it. Preeti said that it just didn't work her up as much, and that regardless, people get married and she has a job to do. Ash, the only gay man, wasn't really even mentioned. It seemed like Ashley was just using this challenge to get air time and to trumpet gay rights, both are her right to do, but it seemed almost a bit overboard. She even acknowledged that since the show was taking place in Vegas, that she figured there'd be at least one wedding themed challenge.

The men won the day with brothers Michael and Bryan along with Hector and Eli as the tops. This time it was brother Bryan who won, and while winning $15,000 might be great, it's probably ultimately more important to win the bigger Elimination challenges than the Quickfires.

Preeti, and once again Jesse and Eve were in the bottom. Eve got the boot, thank God, because I can't stand to look at her or to listen to her odd voice and annoying "Fargo" accent. I live in Michigan and NOBODY I've ever known talks like that, although it's been spoofed from time to time, but I think it's maybe a Northern and Western Michigan accent as it certainly isn't heard around here.

Check out judge Tom's excellent blog on the episode:


Ok, when did Tess with the 3 doctorates have one in a memory related field? Wasn't she brought in from CETI to deal with the returning spacecraft, and to head up Level 5? I didn't realize that one of her doctorates had anything to do with the mind. Regardless, she had made a "memory time capsule" that would record people's memories directly from their mind in a visual way. Yep, looks like a "flashback" episode to me. Thankfully, the flashbacks were mostly short and very few.

Fargo gets upset that memories of him may make him look badly, so he deletes them. Only he causes the central device to delete not only the memories of him from the system, but anyone who used the memory device found many of their memories deleted. Odd that once people started losing their memories that it took the Sheriff, once again, to be the one to point out that hey, maybe it's connected to this new memory device that just started being used. Oy.
The Sheriff and Allison go to GD to try to reverse the problem only to get trapped inside during a lockdown for a special "sonic cleansing" of the facility that will vaporize any organic material whether a virus or a person. Then, of course, Allison loses much of her memory. The Sheriff uses the device in reverse to "show" her memories and then has her call up memories hoping to stir emotions as those are often stronger memories in the hopes that she'll be able to "wake up" and get them out of there. Oh, and now she's in labor.

The Sheriff is able to use a special pager that Allison had given him so that if she went into labor, she could contact him even if he was deep in a cave in China. Tess and the Sheriff's daughter are the only people so far unaffected by the memory loss (the daughter had never used the device as she couldn't think of a memory that was important enough.) They went to GD and the daughter freed the Sheriff and Allison, but Tess hadn't shut down the cleansing. The Sheriff finds her in Allison's office, only now she's lost her memory too. Oh, come on. At this point, EVERYONE had lost their memory a long time ago, but they make Allison and Tess lose theirs just at the "wrong" time. Of course, to get hers back quickly, she has to kiss the Sheriff long enough to realize how to stop the cleansing from killing them all. Uh huh. The system stopped, and the Sheriff's daughter delivers Allison's baby while Fargo returns everyone's memory...and then faints from the childbirth. The daughter now thinks that she's found her "calling" in life.

Special note, the actress who plays deputy Jo and the actor who plays her boyfriend on Eureka were the married couple on Warehouse 13 who were using the coin to win in casinos. Despite playing couples on 2 different tv series, they are not a couple in real life.

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