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Recap 6/24 - 6/26 2009

Top Chef Masters:

I was the most familiar with Rick Bayless out of the 4 Chefs, and I figured that he would probably win. The first challenge had the Chefs make a dish that fit a color that was chosen by random by each. One got red, one yellow, one green and one orange. Rick got green which to me seemed to be the "easiest" color to work with. The French Chef got red and completely botched it. He didn't get all of his ingredients in before time expired, and then the servers forgot his sauce. The judges for this round were 3 women who worked for food publications from a photographer to a writer to an editor (I think.) One of the Chefs was an older woman and she got yellow and I didn't much care for the sound of her dish. One Chef is Puerto Rican, and his was all orange. His sounded good (I believe it was a Salmon tartare) but he forgot to remove the ring mold. At the end of the round, his dish won with 4.5 stars (might have got 5 stars had he removed the ring mold.) Rick was 2nd with 4 stars, the lady was next with 3.5 stars, and finally the French Chef was last with only 3 stars.

For the elimination challenge, the Chefs had to make "street food" using Offal (the usually unused innards of an animal) and serve it to people at the Universal Studios City Walk. I'd been there about 11 years ago, so that was kinda nifty. Anywho, as I mentioned, one Chef is Puerto Rican, while Rick Bayless is famous for taking traditional Mexican food and making it Fine Dining. So, what did the lady and the French guy decide to make for street food? You got it, Mexican dishes! Oy Vey! The lady made a soup which would make for a nice "street food" on a cooler day, which it was that day, as it warms your hands and your insides. The French guy made Enchiladas, having never done it before. Even Rick thought that it was a bad idea. The French guy got ALL of the air time, as he kept writing checks that his abilities couldn't cash. It really was annoying. He was all, "I'm gonna win, I don't care that I'm in last, blah blah blah." And the WORST part was that they had to subtitle him because his accent was so thick.

The lady got tripe, and made a soup that was good (some guy on the street told her it was better than his mother's) but it wasn't properly seasoned, so she got the lowest points and finished last overall. The French guy had Pig Ears, and he did ok, but just not good enough and finished third overall. The Puerto Rican guy had heart and he made Tripeltas which is a PR sandwich of sorts that uses beef, poultry and pork all together...get it, 3 different meats...tripeltas. His went over very well, but Rick just blew everyone away. I think his lowest score from the people on the street and the judges was 4.5 stars. So, as I predicted, he won and moves on. Next week, my favorite John Besh will be competing. I hope he doesn't over think it, but he's amazing.

Burn Notice:

I REALLY enjoyed this episode. Lots of use of the cast, good story, nice plotting, and even a twist!

Michael and Fi went to bring a guy in who owed one of Fi's "clients" $20,000, and so she'd get $5,000 for getting him to pay up. She went in, and Michael was supposed to come in after 3 minutes to help take the guy down if he didn't come peacefully. Unfortunately, Detective Moon Bloodgood showed up and took Michael out of the game. Fi realized too late that Michael wasn't coming, saw him and the Detective thru the window, so she smashed it and jumped out. They pretended that she had drank too much and Michael was there to give her a ride home. The botched mission allowed the badguy to flee to the Bahamas.

Mike decided that he had to get the detective off his @$$, so he tailed her and interrupted her on a stake out. He realized that if he could bring down the guy she'd been watching, she MIGHT leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Sam got audited by the IRS, and the guy was just being a hardass about everything. Turned out, that the guy was the son of a woman Sam had dated when the IRS guy was a young kid. The IRS agent felt that Sam had dumped him and his Mom, and this was his chance to pay him back. Turns out, the guy's Mom dumped Sam and told him to not come around anymore. This got thru to the guy, and so it appeared that he dropped the audit, and now is "friends" with Sam.

Mike & Fi did their own stakeout of the guy Detective Hardass had been following, and found a low level crook was their potential way in. Mike cozied up to the guy at the dog track, by acting much like him and built him up to be some infamous guy from a prison that Mike led him believe they both had stayed. The "mark" was played by Nick Turturro who's career has been in the dumps, and appears to have gained back ALL of the weight he lost a couple of years ago on Celebrity Fit Club.

Nick had them help him rob a Dry Cleaners, and of course Mike was the guy who made it all work. He noticed the hardwiring of the security cams, and figured out to use the Dry Cleaning Rack to power off a dead bolt on the back door. Detective Hardnose showed up the next day and tried to blame Michael for the robbery, and Mike figured that she now was gonna try to link him to EVERYTHING in the area. This meant that they had to speed up the process of getting the real bad guy.

Nick had them meet with his boss, and eventually, the boss agreed to have them help him hit a meth lab and take the money (which is what this guy tended to do...hit drug pushers and mobsters lairs and take their dirty money.) Nick realized that his boss was gonna use them all as cannon fodder since the meth lab guys would have machine guns. He told Mike that Mike and his friends were out, and that he'd do it himself. Mike was blown away, he didn't expect this lowlife to actually be a decent guy. So, he let him in on what they were doing, and Nick agreed to help them take down the boss.

They hit a meth lab and while the boss and his "main guys" were inside, Fi and Mike Superglued the front door and quick dried it using canned air. Nick then used a van to block the front door, trapping the boss and his henchmen inside. Fi, Sam & Michael held off the Meth Lab dudes who had returned using a dumpster as cover, and Fi set off several explosions. Sam called the cops, and once the Meth Lab guys fled the sirens, Mike and all left the boss and his men to be caught, red handed, by Detective Tight Ass. He also left behind the stolen car used as the getaway from the Dry Cleaner theft (they had earlier mailed back the money,) and left some of Fi's C-4 in the trunk. This way, it would link the Boss to the Dry Cleaner theft, as well as 7 explosions that Mike & Fi have caused over the past 2 seasons.

The Detective showed up and hinted around that she realized that Michael had done all of this in order to get a "free pass" from her. Mike wouldn't cop to it, but suggested that if he did do it, it certainly wasn't "free." It seems now that Detective Sweet Tits (thank you Mel Gibson for that one!) will be leaving him least for now.

At the end, Mike & Fi were having a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. Mike said that now that he's free from the people who burned him and the cops are off his @$$, he could start focusing on getting back into the spy game. Fi said that she had hoped that he would be happy doing what they're doing, and want to stick around with her. Mike said that he was now in the position that he had been hoping for and needing to take advantage of it, while Fi said that he was in the position that SHE had hoped for...but apparently wasn't choosing what she wanted him to do. This made her start crying and focus on the meal.

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here:

Ok, so the episode was an hour long. The first 10 minutes was 8 minutes of recaps of one sort or another, and 2 minutes of new stuff. They brought back the castoffs (except, as predicted here) Frangela. They're only comment about it was, "We're sorry that Frangela couldn't be here tonight," and that was it.

They showed the final 3 had to go thru a "spa" of horrors to earn stars. If they got both stars in their 2 challenges, they'd get a dinner of their favorite food. At first, I thought that LDP had gotten off easy as his first trial was to move some stars along some bars while moving snakes out of his way. But, his second challenge, he got COVERED by some kinda slime. It was hilarious! John had also gotten slimed as he had to immerse his face in a bowl of "vomit fruit" to fish out stars using his mouth. Torrie got off pretty easy. At the end, they all won food, so John got a Tofu Burger, Torrie got Veggie Pizza, and LDP got Fried Chicken.

Then, John got "voted out" and they showed his "journey" and what the other's thought of MORE filler. Then did the same for Torrie and LDP. At the end, LDP won. Did anyone else notice that Spencer and Heidi did NOT come over to congratulate him? Did anyone else notice that Janice ended up sitting ALL ALONE like an OUTCAST at the "reunion" in the campsite? Sheesh.

I think that perhaps this show could help both Sanjaya's and Holly Montag's careers as they both put in a great showing. LDP will be appearing on the new Stargate:Universe tv series on SciFi. John may be going back to The Best Damn Sports Show Ever. I have no idea what Torrie will be doing, as she has left the WWE. The rest will go back to trying to get onto other reality shows. Ugh. Also, someone had posted in an earlier blog that they couldn't understand Myleen. That seemed odd to me, as she doesn't have a thick brogue like a Scottish, Irish, or Cockney accent. The oddest thing for me was that when she was on the British version, she seemed to have bigger boobs. I know she's since had a kid, so I wonder if she had had implants and then had them removed so she could breast feed? She looked really good, and Monday she looked great! Tuesday...not a good look for her. They said at the end that "we'll see you next year," but they also said that at the end of Pirate Masters.

Michael Jackson's Death:

Wow. LOTS of coverage. The most famous person in the world died and everything stopped. Facebook, Twitter, and Google all crashed, and many cell phone services nearly crashed as well.

After having see the deaths of Elvis, Gerald Levert, Anna Nicole Smith AND her son, Heath Ledger and now Michael would THINK that people with the means to over medicate themselves would FINALLY get the message. Dan Akroyd once said that when John Belushi died that it made a generation of actors/comics instantly turn sober because if he went down, they all could. Chris Farley dying didn't seem to affect more than those closest to him. But now with Anna, Heath and Michael ALL dying from bad mixing of prescription meds...and the attention that it's getting (with Dr. Deepak Chopra leading the charge)...maybe, just maybe, there will be some SUBSTANTIAL fall out from this, and maybe people like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty will wake the FRAK up! But the worst thing is, that thousands, perhaps millions of "regular Americans" have this problem and many die each year from it too. Hopefully, this will help them to get clean.

I leave you this weekend with one of the best pieces of advice that I learned when I was about 13 years old, and it came from the Michael Jackson song, Wanna Be Starting Something; "If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby. And don't think 'maybe' if you can't feed your baby." Too bad more people didn't also take that advice. Have a great weekend!

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