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Recap 6/21 - 6/24 2009

Next Food Network Star:

What.The.Frak? I am not sure if I've ever seen a "reality" competition show with a jerk like Teddy. Seriously. Also, how the FRAK could they decide to keep him over Eddie? Because Eddie lacks culinary knowledge (although he seemed to think he was "better" than home cook Melissa,) is THAT why they kept Teddy instead....because he has more knowledge? First, the look on Teddy's face was something else. Go to the NFNS homepage and look at the photo of Teddy & Eddie waiting to see who gets sent home. Teddy has this childish, hangdog expression on his face. I mean, it literally is like this emoticon :( What an @$$hat. Teddy hasn't shown me ANYTHING. It was odd that Bobby was so for Eddie going, while Bob wanted Teddy to go. They should have tossed them both. They have had weeks where nobody goes, so 2 go the following week. They could have made it so that the final 3 had to perform an extra task to make the episode count work out. WTFE.

I'm glad that Bobby called Eddie out for his obnoxious behavior toward Melissa. Let's see, Eddie, this is 2 weeks in a row where the judges liked her stuff, yet once again you ended up on the chopping block...and ultimately were sent packing. Next time you think you're $hit doesn't stink, you better make sure that you're food doesn't either.

This is still Jeffrey's to lose, and he even mentioned that he wanted to avoid that from happening. Sorry dude, it's all on you now. From the preview for next week, it looks like he stumbles, but it also looks like nobody will do well. There's NO WAY he'll go this early, unless he poisons the judges.

Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List:

The first part of the episode was about Kathy losing the Grammy for Best Comedy Album to the late great George Carlin. She KNEW that would happen. There was no way that they weren't going to give it to George even if it was the worst POS he ever put out (which it wasn't.)

The second part was about her trip to stay with Food Network star Paula Dean. A lot of people don't like Paula in that she often comes across as a drunken old horny hag, but I don't mind her in small doses. I thought she came off particularly well here, and it was funny that her assistant is gay...and a lush! Kathy actually seemed to love her time with PD and PD's family...especially her single son. I LOVED it that he gave Kathy a full on kiss when she left! He had given an interview where he said that he had no interest in Kathy...on any level. I'm sure that was set up for the show, but it was funny none-the-less.

Oh, and while I am STILL gonna cling to hope that Kathy takes pity on me and we start dating (call me Kathy!) I'm thinking that maybe I should focus on Tiffany, who I always thought was pretty, but now that she's slimmed down is SMOKIN'! Tiffany looks a little like Christina Ricci when Ms Ricci gained some weight in her late teens/early 20s. She needs to stop with her constant Pavlov's Dog reactions to laugh at anything Kathy says, she actually seemed to have embarrassed herself in Paula's kitchen when she laughed at one of Kathy's comments...that wasn't even funny. But, I do like it when Kathy does seem to genuinely crack her up.

Spectacular Spiderman:

Yes, I am a superhero mark. Sorry. Currently, I'm watching Batman: The Brave & The Bold, and Wolverine & The X-Men. Now SS has FINALLY returned for its second season. I had been saying that SS had the BEST first season of ANY superhero cartoon ever, and that was true...until Wolverine & The X-Men was released...but I'll keep that for another blog. Suffice to say, the episode of the X-Men that aired on Friday might have been one of the most amazing cartoons that I've ever seen.

Although SS has already aired in March elsewhere, Disney XD delayed airing it until now...for reasons that I'm not quite sure of. The story picked up right where it left off, making it seamless between the 2 seasons. Great idea!

Peter was surprise kissed by Gwen, and found out that Brock is Venom and thought that Venom/Brock was destroyed. Now, he has to try to sort out what is going on with Gwen and find out what has happened to Brock. In the meanwhile, the football QB's on and off GF Liz Allen has developed a real crush on Peter. Mary Jane, so far, is just a spectator.

Peter got a contract from the Daily Bugle, along with a stipend so he was able to buy a new camera...and some much needed skintight longjohns to wear under his costume to contend with the cold New York Winter. Also, at Norman Osborn's urging, Peter got his job back at Dr Connor's lab.

In the first of 2 episodes that aired, Spidey had to take on Mysterio who claims to be anti-technology and a true Master of the Arcane Arts. Turns out, he was the side-kick of The Chameleon from last season, and uses robots and a psychotropic/paralysis gas to affect his victims. At the end of the episode, we learn that Mysterio is working for someone calling himself The Master Planner...who sounded a bit like Tombstone to me.

In the 2nd episode, this huge Russian dude named Kravenov was hired by The Master Planner to hunt Spiderman. He hunts with a pet Lion at times, and the Lion tracked Peter's scent like a bloodhound and went to the Daily Bugle and then to Dr Connor's lab. At the lab, he came across the scientist brother of Peter's science teacher who was trying to perfect Dr Connor's Lizard Rejuvenation formula...against Dr Connor's wishes since it turned him into Lizardman. But this doctor saw an opportunity. He claimed that it was he who gave Spiderman his a steep price. Kravenov then paid to have himself injected with an electrified serum that mixed the DNA of a lion, cougar, and leopard. The result turned him into a Manimal, and now he calls himself Kraven the Hunter. With his new abilities, he tracked down Spiderman and thought that he'd now be able to beat him. He was wrong.

This series is probably geared to middle school aged kids and up, while Batman:TBTB is mostly geared for younger kids (but not always,) and W:XM is geared for teens and adults, but the writing and characterizations are very good for a cartoon series that is still geared primarily for pre-teens. I'm so glad that this is back, but I wish it was on Tuesdays, not Mondays, as there really isn't much on Tuesdays at the moment.

The Superstars:

ABC has revamped an old favorite. The Superstars used to be a Saturday morning sports show where pro athletes competed against each other in various physical competitions. Everything from races, to weight lifting. This new version features an athlete paired with a "celebrity." Some of the "celebrities" included Maks from DWTS, Ali Landry, and Dan Cortese who the announcer kept calling Dan Cortezzy, but I always thought Dan called himself Cortez? Maybe the Italian pronunciation is correct, and Dan just simplified it, but it was still odd.

Jennifer Capriarti came across as a bumbling idiot. She was not good at anything. But, if I was Terrell Owens, I'd have been livid with the show. First, I can't believe that TO agreed to do this show. Second, here's my issue. The rules stated that after 2 events, the Top 4 would move on, while the Bottom 4 would compete in an obstacle course where they would compete in pairs and the losers of each of the first pairings would then compete against each other with the losing team going home. At the end of the first 2 events, TO was in the Top 4 with 110 points. The teams in 5th and 6th place BOTH had 90 points, but the show was a SET UP and arranged to have the "middle 2" compete to see who would have to compete in the obstacle course. That's total BS. TO's team had 20 more points that the 5th place team, and how did they decide which of the 2 teams with 90 points was the "middle team?" Horse$hit. So, TO's team (he was paired with some model that I've never heard of) lost and went to the obstacle course. During the first race, TO got his foot stuck in a rope net, and his team lost. After which, his "teammate" bitched him out to the cameras..."He calls himself an athlete? He makes millions for what?" What a douchebag. Then, they ended up losing the elimination race...because of HER, and she still went on and on about him. She wouldn't let him speak to her, shake her hand, nothing. She just kept ragging on him. They played a soundbyte of TO saying that he felt sorry for her BF. So do I.

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here:

I still think Stephen wasn't honest about why he left. I think he was told that his house might go to auction just before Father's Day, and so he had hoped to be booted on Thursday, be home to deal with his house, and be home for Father's Day. Saying that the bug bites finally got to him, just seems disingenuous.

For only an hour show, they killed a good 10-15 minutes having the "celebrities" recount their favorite moments out in the excuse to air old footage to fill time. Heck, after each of the 2 "celebs" were booted at the end of the episode, they AGAIN showed each clips of their "jungle journey" as well as sentiments from the other remaining "celebs." So, for an hour show, they spent at least 15-20 minutes on "recaps."

2 "celebs" got the boot, and by no surprise the second one booted was Patti. I still am in shock that she lasted so long. But, even more shocking is who was booted first in the episode...SANJAYA! How the Frak did he get booted? I thought for SURE it would be Sanjaya and LDP in the Finals with either John or Torrie as the third. When John was revealed to have had the least amount of votes on Monday and beat Holly, sending her home, I thought that it looked to be a Sanjaya/LDP/Torrie finale. I guess it must have either been one of those things where his fans felt that he was safe and didn't vote for him, or the producers looked at the 2 "celebs" who WOULD have competed (had Stephen not left and Holly came back) and chose John to be the person to compete against Holly...since he's a Vegan and it required him to drink pureed insects. WTFE. I'm miffed that Jungle Boy won't be able to win. They told Sanjaya that out of 12 competitions that he competed in, he won 9 of them! Holy Schnikes! Holly had said when she got the boot last Thursday that she and Sanjaya were "just friends," but when she was back, it seemed to me that perhaps she may have realized that she felt differently after having been away from him. We'll see.

The funniest thing, for me though, is that Frangela seems to have been written out of the show. Since last week when they started promoting that the "celebs" who aren't in the jungle anymore would be back for the finale, they have NEVER, not once, showed their images among the returning "celebs." In fact, last night they showed EVERYONE, including Heidi and Spencer, Janice, Holly, Daniel, even Stephen...but not Frances and Angela. Weird. I would imagine that they WILL be there, as it is probably in their contract, unless they and NBC have agreed for them to not return. Of the "celebs," who were on the show, they were the lowest ranked "celebs" and have done NOTHING to bring maybe NBC just doesn't care if they're there or not. Very odd.

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