Friday, August 21, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye

What an absolutely shitty day.
When I woke up this morning, it was 83 inside my house as it was the third day of near 90 temperatures.
I did my workout this morning and was leaving puddles everywhere.
When I got out of the shower, I woke up my puter and the first thing I saw was "Farrah Dies."
I let out a gasp.
It wasn't that it was unexpected, but it still was surprising.

I did some work and then headed over to my Mom's to try to move some files from her old puter to her new one, and then have dinner with her.
We ended up having some really bad storms in the area, and trees and power lines were felled and roads waterlogged. So yep, more shit for the day.
The news ran about 45 minutes of weather related stuff leading my Mom to ask if there wasn't any other news...besides Farrah having died.
Then there was a breaking news report.
Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital after having had a cardiac arrest.

Then there were conflicting reports...he was in very critical condition, he was in a coma, he was in a medical induced coma, he had died.
I got a text from my cousin saying that he had died. Her mother, my aunt, is a HUGE MJ fan.
I text back that it wasn't confirmed, just rumors.
And was confirmed.

You know, I HATE it when people claim celeb deaths come in 3s. They seem to stretch the period of days to make the trifecta workout.
So, first it was Ed McMahon, then Farrah and MJ on the same day.
The trifecta of death will be hammered into the ground now.

I am a HUGE MJ fan.
In 1984, I probably had read every article ever written about MJ and probably knew more about him than anybody who wasn't in his family...or a stalker, hehe.
He was amazingly talented, amazingly interesting, and amazingly frustrating.
I remember at age 14 in 1984 that I felt that SOMEONE needed to get MJ's head straightened out. And that was nearly 20 years before the child molestation charges.
He was odd. Howard Hughes odd.
But man, could he sing, dance, perform, and create.

Whenever someone had the audacity to claim that he was overrated and wasn't a good singer, I pointed to one song, "Never Can Say Goodbye."
Michael was 12 frakking years old when he recorded that song.
Listen to the mastery of his voice at that age, especially when he takes his voice up an octave for the high parts, and then drops it down 2 octaves around the 1:54 point of the song. The song showed he had a 3 octave range at age 12, a gift that older singers would love to have.
American Idol?
American ICON.

Check out this youtube that was posted in September of 2007. It makes a fitting tribute to this amazing talent.

What a shitty frakking day.

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