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Recap 8/10 -8/16 2009

I'll try to do the finale of Top Chef Masters which I think is this week, and I may continue with Warehouse 13 until it ends, but I doubt that I'll pick up any new series (Like Top Chef 6, new season of Top Gear, etc...) unless I have time.

At some point, I will write about Torchwood:Children of Earth, but we STILL haven't yet been able to arrange to have everyone over to watch the last 2 episodes yet. Also, I still don't know what to do about the unseen last 20 minutes of Harry Potter (thanks power outage!)

Kathy Griffin:

This was the season finale, and probably the most humorous. Kathy started the episode by telling her mom and "Team Griffin" that she was going to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Everyone was all excited, and her Mom asked who she should tell, and Kathy said, "Everyone!"

They then took a walk along the Walk of Fame to try to "pick out a spot." When Kathy saw Ryan Seacrest's Star, she threatened to puke on it...or worse. They saw the guy who cleans the stars and ended up washing a few themselves. Kathy actually cleaned Seacrest's...but would occasionally "spit polish" it as well.

Dissolve to "2 weeks later" and Tiffany says that she has bad news and good news. Kathy was NOT going to get a star. She had been told she was being considered, but ultimately she got turned down. Kathy was crestfallen. She and her mom had been telling people, so now she felt embarrassed. The good news was that Kathy WAS going to get a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. Not the same.

So, Kathy went to visit her best friend in Palm Springs, Suzanne Summers. Suzanne lives high up in a compound. She grows her own food and cooks (she had trained to be a chef but went into acting.) Kathy asked Suzanne to introduce her at the ceremony, but Suzanne said that she'd be out of town. Kathy asked who they could get instead, so Suzanne called Barry Manilow. Barry said that he too would be out of town, as he'd be performing in Vegas.

Kathy decided to ride along on one of those "star tour" buses and if they found a celeb that could maybe introduce her, they'd get out and try to persuade the celeb to come to the ceremony. Most of the star's homes were stars who are now deceased, but they came upon Carol Channing's house so Kathy got out. She knocked on the door and traipsed around the yard, but nobody answered. Kathy thought that maybe she too was dead. Just in case, she wrote a note and Tiffany stuck her gum on the back of it and they stuck it to a Lion statue at her front door.

When Kathy showed up for the ceremony, there was one sign waving protestor saying that the only thing Kathy had earned was her place in Hell. Nice guy. Kathy then was surprised when Carol Channing actually showed up and said some nice words, then Kathy actually fell down when BOTH Suzanne and Barry showed up. Fooled her!

Warehouse 13:

A gas explosion at a St Louis police station turns up 6 dead bodies...all charbroiled. The 2 Warehouse agents learn that an old basement was unearthed, so they went down there in search of clues. They found the long dead body of another secret service agent who had a warehouse Tesla gun on he too had been an agent. He seemed to have been walled in to a large room.

Back at the warehouse, Artie tried to figure out who the agent was and through photos and scans and a hologram projector that the new gal created out of cobbled together parts, they learned that his name was Jack and he'd been an agent in the 1960s. They then went into "his room." An exact duplicate created at the warehouse that contained all of his actual personal effects. I guess when an Agent dies or disappears, they create one of these "museums" in their honor. The room contained notes and a letter to someone named Rebecca. There also was an address for a home in St Louis.

The agents went to the home and found Rebecca. She knew why they were there. The agents got reports of more similar deaths, but as they left Rebecca asked if there had been more electrocutions. The agents said that they couldn't say any more and left. Turns out that she too had been a warehouse agent, as well as Jacks' girlfriend.

They came across a cop who had been doing the killings due to some 11th century "scarab" device on his back. It fed off his bio-electrical energy and used anger and hatred to increase its killing ability by emitting high voltage shocks. The cop would up dead, and the device was no longer on his back. Later, a woman came running out of her house while the agents were looking for the device and it turned out that it was attached to her ex husband. He too wound up dead and the device scurried away. It ended up attaching itself to the male agent, who ran away screaming.

Artie realized that it stays on until death, and then finds a new host. When the gas explosion took place, it freed it from the tomb with the agent Jack. Now it was on one of Agent Peter and the only way they thought it would come off is if it was "overcharged" through too much high voltage. Peter also had come up with the idea, but couldn't connect jumper cables from a high voltage box to the device. Rebecca did it for him, and Peter died. The device tried to get away, but had been weakened. Rebecca smashed it, while Agent Myka brought Pete back to life. At the end, Rebecca brought the device to the Warehouse and turned down an offer to come back. She also told Myka to get out ASAP or like the device, they'll use her until she's no use to them or dead.

Top Chef Masters:

The Quickfire was the dreaded "blind taste test" where the Chefs are blindfolded and given 20 items to taste and to try to identify. They all did a miserable job. Hubert only got 5, Anita and Rick only got 6 and Michael won by getting 7. Anita missed identifying Hoisin Sauce, a staple in Asian cooking, and she's an Asian Chef who cooks Asian Fusion! Pathetic all around.

Because Michael won, he got the advantage for the Elimination Round. They then brought in 12 former Top Chef contestants,and Michael's advantage was that he got to pick who he wanted first. They gave each Chef 2 minutes with each contestant, and Michael pissed a LOT of people off by asking them what his name was, and then having them do a knife skills test with a carrot. Richard Blais on TC4, and the "molecular gastronomy" expert in particular blasted Michael about it later.

I don't recall who all the returning chefs were nor who got whom. I do know that Anita got Jamie from Top Chef 5 who actually once worked for her, and at one point each Chef had to cut one member of their "team" and Jamie got cut. I also recall that Michael's first pick was Fabio from TC5 as he is from Italy, so natch.

In the end, Anita's dish was the worst and she was sent packing. So the final 3 are Michael, Hubert, and Bayless...all predicted here.

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