Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Brother Holy $#!+ !!!!!

Suffice to say that this is ALL SPOILER!!!
Man, I KNEW I should have ordered the 14 day free trial!!!
Left Click and then drag all the way to the end to highlight in order to see the "Inviso text" spoilers!!!

After the eviction on Thursday, Chima, Lydia and Natalie all threatened to quit. To appease them, BB gave them skin and hair products. They also drank a lot and cried and cried like Jessie had died. Lydia was not thankful to have been saved by Jeff and instead ranted at his booting Jessie. The 3 went on a rampage, saying all kinds of disgusting things about the other HGs and the BB staff. They went through Jeff and Russell's stuff. Chima found Russell's rosary beads. Apparently, they've been blessed by The Pope (I wonder if his family got them blessed when he had been paralyzed?) She hid them, some think in with her stuff. She said that she didn't know why Russell had them as he is an extremist Muslim terrorist. Yes, she actually DID say that, it was captured on the live feeds. They also hogged the laundry. They put their stuff in ahead of Jeff's who had his stuff waiting to go in. They put it in on the longest cycle, and then would rewash their stuff over and over so nobody else could use the laundry.

They threatened to put red M&Ms into Michele's food and drink as she is allergic to red dye. They threatened to put hot sauce on the other's clothes. Jeff warned them to not touch his stuff again. Natalie kept pouring over the BB rule book to try to find a way to have them removed from the game. Lydia wanted to see if she could have another HGs touch her so she could claim that she'd been assaulted. Chima actually sat on the laundry machines trying to get Russell or Jeff to try to physically remove her.

Michele nominated Chima and Natalie. Apparently, when Lydia got her key, she ran out of the room crying...I guess she'd rather be sent to the jury house to be alone with Jessie so they could mess around more than she would like to stay in the house to try to win $500,000. Natalie said that God will give Michele a disease for what she's done to Chima. Chima hid under covers and cried. She said that unless she won Veto she'd go home (not sure if she meant quit or leave the BB house.) Production set up a putting course in the backyard and it was for practice for the POV competition today. The girls (yes girls because they're NOT acting like adults) said that they'd go out there and practice 24/7 to not allow the other HGs to be able to practice. Chima wouldn't come out, but Kevin was finally able to get her to come outside to practice. She wouldn't put her mic pack on. Production kept telling her to put it on and she refused. Natalie handed Chima her mic pack and Chima tossed it into the hot tub...destroying it. Production came over the speaker and told all HGs they had to go to the living room for a mandatory full house meeting with Allison Grodner, the executive producer.

The live feeds were out for a looong time. When they came back, nobody could see Chima on any of the feeds and finally Jeff said into his mic "and then there were 7." He later said in a discussion that Chima had quit the show. An insider Twittered that at the house meeting, AG told the HGs that they had to behave and that if they continued to try to mess up the production that they'd be removed. If they tried to harm a HG that they'd be removed. If they damaged another HG's stuff, they'd be removed. She told Chima that since she deliberately destroyed the mic pack that she would have to pay for it out of the stipend that they earn each week in the house.

Apparently, that was it for Chima. She had a total meltdown. She said F this S and tossed her mic pack and then demanded to be released. She pounded on the diary room door and then crawled into bed when they wouldn't open it. She is now gone. It appears that she took Russell's rosary beads with her too, let's hope that he gets them back. In an earlier season of BB, a HGs said that quitting also means that she has forfeit her earnings up to this point, so her stay in the BB house has cost her her sanity, reputation, and LOTS of money. Jeff or Natalie said something about how they were told that Chima was now going to have to deal with CBS/BB/AG legal team.

This presents a problem as they now only have 6 jury members. Someone said on a prior season of BB that if a jury member quits or is removed that BB can have "America" cast the 7th vote.

Holy Schnikes!

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