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Recap 8/31 - 9/6 including Big Brother Spoilers!!!

Warehouse 13:

The 2 agents were sent to a prison in Florida as a number of inmates had recently killed themselves, and none were considered to be "at risk." The agents tried to find an artifact that would cause people to despair, but they were unable to find anything. They did happen upon a prisoner who had killed his wife but was now somewhat of a spiritual leader, and they thought that perhaps his medallion was the culprit. They learned that decades earlier there had been similar accounts and then on the night of a bad storm (as the prison is near the coast) there was a full scale riot. As it turns out, another bad storm is approaching and the ionic charges are known to be able to amp up the effects of most artifacts.

They soon realize that the mostly steel prison is built on top of an old quartz mine. Quartz also acts as a magnifier for artifacts, so a metal building atop of a quartz foundation surrounded by an electrical storm is a recipe for doom. Worse, both agents are experiencing hallucinations. Pete sees his father who died on the job in a fire when Pete was young and Pete had one of his "hunches" before his Dad left for work but didn't act on it. Myka, meanwhile, sees her previous partner who died on the job and she blames herself. She had just received the Final Report on the "incident" before she left for the prison, but she didn't open the package to read the report.

The agents discover that the violence and suicides were way down during the reign of the prior warden who had died about a month earlier and that's about when the activity flared up. Artie guessed that he must have had something that could cancel the effects of the quartz underneath, which also would have to be something of quartz that was attached to the building in some way.

The Warden also flipped out and barricaded herself in her office while the staff and prisoners also had been severely affected and a riot broke out. Pete found a large quartz cross amongst the prior Warden's stuff that had been put into storage. Pete remembered seeing a photo on the wall of past Warden's that the cross had been on the wall of his office. Pete and the spiritual leader broke down the Warden's door, but in her frenzy, she shot the inmate. Pete got the gun away from her, but then he and Myka both had intense visions. Pete was able to tell his father that even had he tried, he wouldn't have been able to stop his father from going to work that day as his father was duty and honor bound to work and wouldn't have just blown off work because his son had a bad feeling. his guilt resolved, he tried to tell Myka to do the same. In her vision, she was able to tell her dead partner that his recklessness that day is what got him killed. He didn't wait like he was supposed to, and if he had, the killer might have been stopped but since he rushed in early, he walked right into the trap that had been set.

Guilt resolved, the agents hung the cross back where it was, and suddenly all the mayhem ceased. The Warden didn't understand what had happened, and was horrified to realize that she had shot the spiritual inmate. The inmate was not sorry, he felt that he had made peace with what he had done and was "forgiven" and now it was time for his "journey" to continue "elsewhere."

The other storyline concerned Claudia. She was still doing inventory, when a flickering light was bothering her. She complained to Artie that it needed to be changed, and he said that those bulbs never needed changing and had been invented 109 years ago. Back to inventory, Claudia just couldn't get past the flickering bulb. She found a lab coat and goggles amongst the artifacts that once worn together, they attracted to metal. Claudia used the outfit to Spiderman climb up a steel girder and tighten the bulb. It then blew out and Claudia noted that apparently, 109 years was the limit. She then changed the bulb, and found that she was stuck, and dropped the old bulb.

Suddenly, metal objects from all over started flying up and sticking to an old bike amongst others. She knew she'd be in trouble, but she began yelling for Artie, and then began banging in Morse code. Artie finally heard the code and tracked her down. By now, the effects of the coat, which increase the longer it's connected to metal, had started dragging a large Hummer towards her, and was causing the metal frame of the warehouse to buckle.

Artie tried several ways to get her down, but finally was able to harpoon her and got her down. They quickly got her out of the coat and goggles and the effects ended. Later, she was shown writing over and over on a blackboard. I couldn't quite make out what she was writing, but after filling both sides of the board, Artie erased one side and had her continue.

Top Chef 6 - Las Vegas:

The Quickfire involved making a dish with potatoes, and the guest judge was Mark Peel who had competed in Top Chef Masters...and mentioned that to the cheftestants to let them know that he understood the limits of the challenge, especially "time." Ashley, Ash, and Jen were the favorites with Jen winning, but alas, no $15,000 casino chip.
The Elimination Challenge was for the full group, as a group, to prepare a meal for 300 Air Force Servicepeople and their families. Some had just returned from war, and some were heading off, so they were implored to try their hardest and do their best.

Since Jen won the Quickfire and had immunity, the Cheftestants was decided that she'd run the kitchen. The rest would be paired off and be responsible for ONLY 1 dish per pair, but they could do 2 if they wanted and had the time. It was a smart decision by the Cheftestants as it allowed for the kitchen to be managed more efficiently as they'd soon find that they'd need.

They arrived at the Air Base and found that the kitchen was stocked with bulk foods, mostly in bags or cans, and there weren't any pots, pans, or burners...only large scale boilers, fryers, and skillet like surfaces. Jen kept them on task and figured out the order that each "team" would get in using the various equipment. So the Cheftestants actually did the right thing and made it much easier on themselves. When they paired up, though, the sad thing was that Jesse and Ron, who hadn't been doing so well, ended up with each other when nobody wanted to work with them. Ouch. So, in the Nevada heat, they decided to make Clam Chowder. Oy boy.

Actually, the Air Force Personnel liked the chowder and for some of the "east coasters" it was like "comfort food." The judges were less thrilled, and weren't sure it was a good idea, but ultimately decided that it was decent. They also noted that spicy chili had been made, so the "hot" argument would have to apply for both, and chili is very much cooked even in Summer in Nevada.

The tops, no surprise, were Kevin and Eli who made southern food including a potato salad that got raves. Michael V, one of the brothers, took Slab Bacon and turned it into a sort of taco inside a lettuce cup with some nuts. it proved to be the winning dish and in their blogs for this episode, Tom and Gail raved about it, especially Gail.

In the bottom, again no surprise, were Preeti and Laurine who made a weak and uninspired pasta salad, and loud moth Mike I. who was paired with winner Michael V. Mike I was pissed, thinking that if his "partner" won, then he should be safe. But, the judges pointed out that the challenge didn't pair up the cheftestants, they did it themselves. As such, Michael was judged for his dish which Mike I admitted was Michael's while his dish was an uninspired Greek salad. Tom accused Mike as just making a "throw away' dish and didn't put any effort into it, and it was bland. The women, though, were ravaged. Not only was it a weak dish for a competition of this level, but it was just poorly made, bland, underseasoned, poorly presented, just terrible. Preeti said she thought it was good and it seemed to be a "crowd pleaser." The judges noted that it wasn't a "judge pleaser." Laurine noted that she realized where they went wrong and was embarrassed by having put it out. In the end, to the shock of nobody, Preeti was kicked off...making her the third woman in a row to go.

At this point, it's clear that the Final Four SHOULD be the 2 brothers, Kevin, and Jen. Either Jesse or Ron will probably be the next to go, and if they're both in the bottom, I see them booting Ron only because just woman have gotten the axe so far. Pretty much everyone else is just somewhere in the middle, they may win a Quickfire or Challenge here and there, but as Tom alluded to in one of his blogs, the chefs stay pretty consistent with the best near the top, the worst near the bottom, and the rest just middling through.

Big Brother Soilers!!!:

That's right, this week these are Big Brother SOILERS not SPOILERS because I feel dirty just typing them. Ick.

NataLIE won HOH because Jordan sucks at comps and Michele choked, and then as HOH she nominated Michele & Kevin. She wore a robe, a crown, and carried a pool cue bridge as a scepter for the nomination ceremony. She laid into Michele, calling her evil and said that Michele "caused" Chima to throw her mic pack and get expelled. Again shows that neither Chima nor NataLIE accept personal responsibility. NataLIE also went on and on about how she never lied...yeah, like she's really 18, and Big Brother just gave her Mike's Hard Lemonade for her HOH fridge. Pandora's box allowed her to have 20 minutes with her boyfriend, who proposed to her. There are reports that Kevin told her to make something up so that she had "something" to tell the others, so the boyfriend and engagement may all be another NataLIE. But, by opening Pandora's box, that meant that she couldn't play in the Veto comp. Whoever wins the Veto, will have the sole vote to evict. Kevin is acting like he's not happy that she put him on the block but is mad that now he HAS to win Veto since NataLIE isn't playing. NataLIE might actually be less intelligent than Jordan since it made no sense to nominate Kevin and tick him off (if he really was mad) since it all comes down to whoever wins Veto...and by electing to not play, she ticked him off even more. Kevin won Veto. Now he has to decide to vote out Michele and make NataLIE happy, or vote out Jordan and keep Michele in the game and hope that she eliminates NataLIE for him because he doesn't think he can beat NatLIE in the Final 2. He will most likely boot Michele because he thinks he can beat Jordan in the final 3 part HOH, while Michele has a much better chance to win. Also, he wants to take Jordan to Final 2 because he doesn't think she could win the Jury since she's only won 1 Veto comp (Jeff "gave" her the HOH she had.)


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