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Recap 9/7 - 9/12

Warehouse 13:

The agents got trapped in the Warehouse which almost had an overload, while Artie faced that "sci fi" cliché, the performance review.

Claudia decided to play with the zip line, but it snapped. She ended up crashing into a full scale replica of the Bed & Breakfast that the Warehouse employees live. The wire, meanwhile, knocked a can of silly string into some mechanical cogs, and it glued it to a stop. Bad news as the cogs pump the Purple Gunk throughout the Warehouse, and it's the gunk that makes the artifacts inert. With the wheels not turning, the artifacts start to interact, and the gunk starts to build up back pressure. The whole place is gonna blow unless they can fix it.

Unfortunately, while tracking down Claudia, Pete & Myka enter the fake B&B and once they close the door they find that they can't leave. Whenever they try to go out a door, window, or hole in the wall, they just find themselves back inside. With the Mrs. Frederic's recorded voice now giving a countdown to boomsday, the agent's finally realize that the only thing different in this B&B is a painting on the wall that is of the living room. They realize that if things in the LR get moved, they get moved in the painting. After some trial and error, they use the painting to open a hole in the B&B to get out. Once out, they see a nasty storm cloud, inside the Warehouse, and some very powerful artifact charge dispersals crackling around.

They decide that the fastest way to the Gunk Room, is through the Dark Room, where the most powerful and dangerous artifacts are stored. Unfortunately, despite Myka's warnings, Pete ends up interacting with an artifact and gets stuck as it sucks the life out of him. Myka tells Claudia that she trusts her (aww) and sends Claudia to the Gunk Room to fix the problem, while she fixes Pete. Eventually, Myka uses a push broom to shove Pete away from the artifact, but now he's too drained to go right away, so Myka runs off to help Claudia.

Good thing, because Claudia had been removing the silly string while wearing their special purple artifact safe gloves, but decided to take them the silly string is now wrapped around her arm. Myka shows up to try to help pull Claudia away, and also gets stuck. The gears are now pulling both women towards them and will grind them up. Pete shows up and uses the snowglobe artifact in Claudia's bag to freeze the string, and then smashes it. The gals are now free, and so are the cogs, with less than 30 seconds to spare.

Meanwhile, Artie delivered paperwork and payroll to a courier who he meets car to car out in the desert in front of a little diner. The courier pulls away, and there is Mrs. Frederic's bodyguard in front of Artie's car who tells him to go into the diner. Artie sits with Mrs. Frederic and they both order a pie homemade by the waitress. After a bit, some patrons leave and suddenly the diner is closed for business. It turns out that all the remaining diners, including the waitress, are the "regents" who oversee the Warehouse. Artie is under review because of some foul-ups including the destruction of artifacts, the letting loose of "Alice," and the return of McPherson. This is a tired gimmick in a lot of Sci Fi shows, but thankfully, they didn't make it a "clip show" as is usually done.

Artie gets reamed by the guy who played Baltar's lawyer on BSG, and the FBI agent's co-worker on Dollhouse. Artie realizes that the regents are just "regular people" like the waitress, which surprises him. He also realizes that they are terrified of McPherson and are essentially "in hiding" from him. Artie tells them that they have prevented him from going after McPherson, and if they want him stopped, that they need to untie his hands as he feels that the team he has now is the best ever, with the 2 best agents ever. He then goes outside to sit on the porch and cool off and let them talk. Bye the bye, Mrs. Frederic joins him and tells him that HE is the best agent the Warehouse has ever had, and that the regents approve of him and as for McPherson, she said, "Happy hunting." With 2 episodes to go, it looks like stopping McPherson will be the Season Finalé, if not both of the next 2 episodes.

Top Chef 6 - Las Vegas:

The chefs go to Daniel Boulud's restaurant at the Wynn and have to create something unique using snails (as that is a French specialty) for their quickfire. Added twist is that the winner will not only be immune, but will also get a "special prize," while the loser gets sent home. Ouch.

Not real surprise, but Kevin, Jen and Misogynist Mike I. are the tops with Kevin winning. Instead of a $15,000 chip (that's no chips for the last 2 Quickfires...what are they, cheapos?) he gets to dine with 4 of the best French Chefs in the world. Daniel Boulud, Hubert Keller (who finished third in Top Chef Masters,) Jean Joho, Laurent Tourondel, and Joel Rubochon who was named the "Chef of the Century" in France and his restaurants have a combined 25 Michelin Stars...more than ANYONE else. Chef Tom thinks that Tom Keller, and American, is also one of the best French Chefs in the world, BTW. Kevin felt honored, while the cheftestants who were to compete all looked like they wanted to throw up. Ashley even admitted that she did. In some ways, to these chefs, it'd be like cooking for God as these guys are leaders and inspiration to chefs all over the world.

The chefs drew knives. Some had a protein, while others had a classic French sauce. The chefs then had to decide which "protein chef" would pair up with which "sauce chef" to make a single dish to serve. Once again, the tops remain at the top with the pair of Jen and brother Michael as one top team, and brother Bryan and Mike I. the other top team. Actually though, Mike I.'s dish was explained to him by Bryan, and although they didn't show it on tv, Chef Tom said that the judges figured it out because the style and technique had "Bryan" written all over it and not "Mike I." So, Bryan won the challenge. Bryan now has 2 Elimination Challenge wins while his brother Michael has 1 Elimination win, 1 Quickfire win, and 2 other Top Finishes in other Elimination Challenges.

The bottom dishes were Hector and Ash, and Ashley and Mattin. A bit of a surprise since Mattin is French...although he is from Basque which is more Spanish than French. Mattin lied to the judges that he didn't shoot down Ashley's idea to add asparagus to his sauce. He very nearly got the boot. Had they known he lied, maybe he would have. Instead, Hector got the axe which is what they though he used to cut his meat with. It wasn't cooked properly and it was hacked, not sliced. So after 4 women got booted, Hector became the first guy to go.


Jo's current and former boyfriends both returned to town after Zane had been gone a month while Taggert has been gone for 2 years. They brought back the longest single intact ice core sample ever successfully recovered. However, it's from Russia, so a Russian has to sign it over to GD before they can start working on it.

Taggert and Jo talk it out, finally, because he left without saying goodbye. They wish to remain friends. Zane, meanwhile, is acting like an emotionless zombie. Jo was VERY excited for his return, but he seemed to not give 2 shits.

Zoe, meanwhile, has decided that after delivering Allison's baby that she wants to become a doctor. Perhaps and OB/GYN or a pediatrician. She took the Eureka version of the SAT and doesn't want to know what it says. Her boyfriend tells her that it is 99.8% accurate in picking the best field for someone's aptitude. It says that Zoe should be a robotics engineer. She wants none of it, while her boyfriend gets her a beginner's robotics kit to try out.

Very soon, the cooling system that Zane designed to keep the ice core frozen starts to spread it's icy cold all over town, trapping Zoe, her BF, and other people in the diner. They learn that it has gotten into Zane, and is affecting the emotion center of his brain, thus the zombie behavior. The problem is that the ice regros faster than they can eliminate it, and they still don't understand what's going on. The Sheriff, (SHOCKER,) figures out that the special high tech insulation suit that Zane wears is why it affected him and not Taggert. As the whole town is wrapped in it, that's why it's spreading. The Russian finally concedes to sign off on the ice core so that they can test it, and they find that it has mold like spores that are using the high tech fabric to incubate. They come up with a mist that will dissolve the ice and ill the bacteria and use a little used emergency communication tube network throughout the town to spread the mist. Just in time too as the diner falls to 30 below zero before the Sheriff and Taggert can break through the ice wall at the door.

Zoe, it turns out, figured out that the diner's GIANT freezer will block out the cold so they all hide in there until they're rescued. Afterwards, her BF finds that she finished the robot kit, but he tells her to put it away and focus on what she wants to do. It was her instinct that led her to decide to become a doctor and it was her instinct that saved all of the townspeople in the diner.

The Sheriff and Tess, who in her first day as head of GD in Allison's absence due to maternity leave had to watch the town freeze under her watch, have a nice dinner at the Sheriff's house. Zoe scoots out past them and tells them that she's staying the night with a friend. Earlier, she alluded to the Sheriff that she'd leave so he could bang Tess, which creeped him out. Looks like she made good on the offer because although Tess was about to leave, after Zoe took off, Tess decided to stay. Baum chicka baum baum.

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