Saturday, September 12, 2009

Did American Idol just Jump The Shark?

I'm afraid that American Idol has strapped on the water skis and made a run off a ramp over a large man-eating fish.
Yes, American Idol has just Jumped The Shark.

When Paula's new manager cost her one of the best jobs on TV, AI responded fairly well by bringing in performers to help judge the early rounds. Although some of the names are somewhat questionable (Posh Spice? Seriously?) At least you could make the connection between the guest judge and singing/performing.

What's wrong with 3 judges? Last year, they kept running over on time and even one week had the judges make comments in pairs so that some contestants didn't hear from Simon, for example. It didn't work, and now they've added someone who is going to be rambling on and on with her "confused stream of consciousness comedy." How is that not going to make the show run over on time?

I had thought that with all of the time issues from last year that they'd just go with 3 judges this season. Which is what they SHOULD have done. Then I had heard rumors that they might be trying to sign Marie Osmond, Debbie (err, excuse me, Deborah) Gibson or Taylor Dayne. I could have lived with any of them, but I STILL didn't see the need.

But Ellen Effing DeGeneres?

Don't get me wrong. I used to like Ellen. I don't mind her now. I HATE her shtick that she's always confused and rambles non stop hoping that her stream of consciousness will end up being funny. Usually, it isn't. But WTF does SHE have to do with a SINGING COMPETITION?!!!!??!?!?!!!??

She was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. I don't watch the show, but I've seen/heard the clips. She offered nothing. No criticism, no earned praise, no insightful remarks, nothing. She did shtick. Bad shtick. And it was ALL ABOUT HER. The ONLY comment that I saw about the dancers was something like "I'm going to have you come to my house to hang pictures because you're good at NAILING IT!" Oy. The rest of it was her shtick like she just wanted to sit close to the stage and didn't know she'd be judging (more confused Ellen,) or "it was rich and full bodied...oh sorry, I'm thinking about the wine I had before I came out here." Ugh. Think I'm being too harsh on her? Check out this video clip of just her on the show. Tell me who her comments are directed to 99% of the time, her or the dancers.

What very little credibility Idol had left, they just tossed into the shit can and lit it on fire. The SHOW is about the SINGERS and NOT the JUDGES or RYAN!!! Look, I'll give it a go, but man, what a total disaster. I hope at least they put some good wax on those skies. Maybe they'll actually be able to jump over the shark, and not land in its belly.

I also found out that Ellen signed a 5 year contract with American Idol, so they (and we) are going to be "stuck" with her no matter how it turns out.

Michael Slezak who blogs about AI and hosts the hilarious web series Idolatry on says that AI is his favorite show and while he loves Ellen and her show, he is not happy about her coming onto AI. He also bagged on her "judging" on SYTYCD.

I just read an article at where they asked Randy and Kara about Ellen. Randy said that he, Ellen, and Ryan are all buddies. So, now I know how she got the job. She's buds with the judges and producers. She didn't get the job because she was the most qualified, she got the job because they're all "pals." Favoritism at its worst.

I'll see how it plays out, but I am NOT optimistic.

( I originally posted this 2 days ago, but needed to repost it as I added some new info.)

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